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Many thanks to the clients below who have allowed us to share their experiences on this page.

Hi John,
I am writing a short note on behalf of Gwen's Mob (mostly from Singapore) who went on your Wildflowers Adventure in early September 2016. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip you conducted and learned a lot on wild flowers of Australia. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful trip. We share the same appreciation as stated in Lyn & Jim McDonald's testimony. Best wishes.
Felix Lim, Singapore

My wife, Lyn, and I had the pleasure of participating in your company's North-West Wildflower Tour with driver/tour-leader John. I wish to share with you some comments on this tour.

I must make mention of the knowledge of wildflowers that John has. An amount of knowledge is one thing; being able to share that knowledge in a way that allows all members of the touring party to appreciate the wonders and beauty of these wildflowers is another gift entirely. It is a gift that John shared with us willingly and in a way that made people like me (I had next to no knowledge of WA's wildflowers) feel at ease in asking questions that, to a person of John's knowledge, must have been so basic.

The further the tour went on, too, the more it became obvious that John was not just a "one metre on either side of the highway" commentator. By this I mean that he would drive thirty or forty metres off the highway so that he could show us examples of shrubs or orchids that no one could see from the road but that he knew were there. We were continually amazed: John would pull off the highway, stop the bus and I would have the thought, "What could possibly be here?" And then, suddenly, under John's direction we would see beautiful, delicate and amazing examples everywhere about us. This continued right through to the failing light at the end of the day.

I came to Western Australia expecting to go on a tour that showed carpets and carpets of wildflowers ... just as it is shown in tour brochures. Right from the beginning, John discouraged that thought. Certainly we did see some carpets of whites or pinks or reds or roses or yellows but we saw so much more. It never occurred to me, for example, that we might be looking for ground orchids or lilies or a plethora of shrubs, bushes and ground cover. And, as the tour drew to a conclusion I realised just how boring it would have been to sit for four days and just see repeats of the same carpets.

Finally, nearing the end of day four at New Norcia, the group expressed its appreciation to John for his leadership of the tour and especially for how he went about that role. The photo shows a Perth-based tour member expressing her appreciation; I love the look of surprise that is written all over John's face ... I guess it shows just the sort of person he is! Lyn and I wish to thank you, your company and particularly John for a wonderful experience. The travel agent here in Cleveland who made all the bookings for us will be advised of our complete satisfaction.

Yours sincerely,
Lyn and Jim McDonald (Queensland. Australia)

We have recently returned from a week's domestic exchange with the Perth, W.Aus. club and afterwards a four day wildflower tour to Geraldton and Kalbarri.

As you probably know our flora is unique to Australia and many of the Western Australian species are only found there.

John Perkins, our tour operator, was very knowledgeable and with years of experience knew exactly where to take us to see the the flowers; in many instances going off the planned route to show us "extras".

The wildflowers were exquisite. The Perth people would be the best ones to advise on timing - early September was perfect for the region immediately to the north of Perth and I imagine later would be best for the regions south of Perth.

In friendship,
Margaret Gregory

Hi John!

Last year, Very very Thank You. I was very enjoy time.

Last year , I took 6600 photos.
Many new species took pictures.
This is my Web site:

But I'm sorry only Japanese.

Australia are many species plants. It very takes time and hard to examine Australia naitive plants without guide like you.
but, I'm very happy.

Hayashi (Tokyo Japan)

Thanks for looking after us for 6 days.
I enjoyed staying in W.A. and hopefully see you next year
Mari (Slovenia)

Dear John,
Just a little card with a big THANK YOU for the tour to the wildflowers my friend Judy and I took with you. We both enjoyed the four days thoroughly and commend you for the care taken in making it so. It was a long awaited experience for us both and we will recommend your tour to our friends.
Best wishes from us both.....Sincerely
Jeanne & Stacey. (Victoria Australia)

Dear John,

Thank you very much for the kindest help that you did for us in the last 4 day tour. This morning we were back to Japan. Japan was raining and very sultry. It is very different from Australia.

In the Tour, I was very sorry for my poor communication in english, and could not catch your words so much. But we enjoyed the tour very much. Many wild flowers we could see. Midori and I are very different in age, work, background, or so, but we are friends learning in the same flower arrangement school in Tokyo. We love flowers very much and the liking of a flower is the same. Flowers are the common interest for us and main purpose of this trip was that. Our teacher in the school have wrote and published a photo book about wild flowers in Western Australia. The pictures in the book are very beautiful and we wanted to see the flowers like those, and the flowers we could really see in the tour was beyond the photograph.

Without your kind help, taking communication with us, speaking slowly, using Japanese words, explaining wild flowers to us, and so on, we could not enjoy ourselves this much. We were very lucky that we have joined in your tour. I hope I could go back to Perth again. Next time, some different wildflowers in southern area, if I can. At that time, I wish I could join in your tour again. (By that time, I should be able to speak english more and more, and to communicate with people more friendly. I know it was better I could have told you directly the words I'm writing here, but now this is the best I can. I hope you can understand my words I wrote.)

Thank you for all again and take care.

Sincerely yours,
Taeko Niimura

Hello! John.
I'm MIDORI..I came back home.I had a very nice tour for your kindness. You are my wildflower guide and my English teacher.I will learn English. Please don't forget me. I hope to join your tour again.
Thank you very much.
Today, It is rainy in Saitama, 23℃

Dear John

I hope you remember Japanese mama and son. (I got your card 2 Aug)
It was great experience for us.Thank you for your kind.
You even spoke Japanese. Kiiroi hana Akashiya and MARA
Thank you again.

Hideka and Ryo from Japan


Arrived back in the uk, 17:00 on 21st. Just a short email to thank you for everthing, especially the private tour that you arranged for us, it was fantastic. Also thank you for offering the use of the wine container, we both thought afterwards that you must have been in the hotel lobby, appoligies that we did not pop down and see you, we didn't think until afterwards that you must have been in the hotel. We packed all of the bottles in our baggage, all arrived safely back in England, ready to be sampled on Christmas Day.

Please keep in touch, we intend to visit WA again as we loved every minute of our holiday, some reservations about the cricket from an English point of view, but how often do you get chance to see the second fastest test centuary in history!

On the 'Wombat' front, Pen thinks that I am more like a Wombat than her, enough said!!

We hope that you have a great Christmas and a very prosporous New Year, bets wishes to you and your family.

Kind regards

Penny and Steve

Dear John,
I haven't forgotten about your extreme frendliness that gave me a fresh memory of almost forgotten Australian reputation!
We have slept 14 hrs non stop after coming home - we were soooo exhaused! It was a killing itinerary but the group was extremelly happy and that is all that counts!

I have spoken to Matevz (the person in charge for Oz at Kompas tour agency) about your extreme help with the Margaret River tour and that you are the one that have warned me about the very high possibility we won't be back in time for the plane to catch to HK if we went with the Pinnacles to the Margaret River! In fact their bus did not come back to our hotel where they had picked up another group at the time we needed to go for the airport!!! We would have missed that plane! Can you imagine all the hastle you have spared us?!
Thank you again! You are priceless!

Anyways we will be back in October. I will talk to Matevz about the possibility to add few suggestions we discussed for our next itinerary.
Take care and enjoy beautifull Perth!


hi john how are u iam good everything going well just for the fleight is cancel so we back home on sept. 28 night and i go back to work the next day back to reality ha ha ha my grandaughter is fine and i really enjoy my trip even a short time in perth i really appreciate the way you do to me and my brother he really appreciate. i hope i can go back again to perth hope to see u again. sorry for not email back right away cause just got home and very tire.

regards sonia (phillipines)

Ciao John

How are you ?? I'm fine. I'm missing Australia, everything was lovely and the group were very
happy of there holiday.
Many thanks for your collaboration to organize me the trip to daddy house.
I appreciate it a lot.
I'll see you the next time and if i will need any thing around perth i will contact you.
Cristina (Italy)

To John,
With many thanks for a grand trip. You are an extra special guide, who has put a lot into Austrlian flora and fauna for me
Sally (Victoria)

Hi John,
Thank you so much for the time spent explaining and showing us such wonderfull things on our very quick 6 day tour of Perth and the South West.
Without this the trip would not have ment very much too us all.
Thanks again and hope to be back next year.
Dominique Chen (Neihu, Taipei)

Dear John,
My apologies for the delay in sending a picture.
I saw Miyoko one week ago and then got pictures from her.
We could take many kind of wildflowers pictur for your favour. They are beautifull.
I say my friends Perth is a very nice city I recommend you go to.
I want to go there again. I wish I went to Australia next year and do more wonderfull tours with you
Thanks we had a very good time in Australia.
Kumiko Ikeda (Toyonaka-shi, Osaka)
P.S. I'm not so good at English.
It's difficult for me to write a letter.

In September 2001, John organised a Wildflower Tour of Western Australia for our pary of 6 American friends, 2 Australian and 3 English. (my husband and myself included).

He planned the route with great skill through many of the historic townships. Although the focal point of the trip was the Wild Flowers we found that he had a tremendous knowledge of the historical background of the many towns together with the flora and fauna of the areas.

It was abundantly clear from his rapport with the people providing the accomodation that he knew just where to stay for the best Service.

We found John pleasant mannered, approachable, knowledgeable and above all a superb organiser. His wife Miriam was a great heip all round. We made a good friend and remain in contact for a possible further trip in the future.

Best wishes and thanks

Bernard and Ann King


It was a very dark and stormy morning, so it didn't look good. However, within an hour, John and we, his tour group, had left the wild weather behind and what a treat we had in store! John is a very well experienced, professional and caring tour director who goes the extra mile to ensure everyone enjoys the tour and learns something new - that is his passion. How did he find that lonely spider orchid in the middle of nowhere - and nowhere is vast in Australia?

  • His prices are attractive, with many "extras" at no additional charge. The small price difference between taking John's tours and driving yourself, is a big and welcome surprise.
  • One day or many days, and smaller or larger groups, enjoy the same personal attention.
  • Special interest tours for individuals or groups are readily and expertly designed by John.
  • Accommodations are excellent - 3 star plus and always clean, tidy and comfortable.
  • John is a very safe driver - no scary near misses.
  • Smaller or larger coaches available.

John's very comprehensive tour which I thoroughly enjoyed was simply great because of his wide and expert knowledge of the amazingly unique, weird and wonderful, beautiful and spectacular sights he showed and explained to us; "The Wildflower State" of Western Australia certainly lives up to is name with its myriad of different flowers, bush and trees, the majestic landscapes, including The Pinnacles left by the receding ocean, the ever-changing scenery, the flora and fauna, as well as the history, are awesome. The pelicans gobbling fish and the alert lizard which joined us for coffee as the waves crashed on the shore held me in awe as my wonderment took over, even though I am a fairly well travelled Western Australian who has lived in Canada for many years.
John enjoys the return of former tour participants from USA, Canada. UK,. Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the southern hemisphere, including Australia.
For something entirely different, I readily recommend John's Tours. You may find cheaper but you will not get better value for your money.

Try it! I guarantee you will really like it!
Heather (Vancouver Canada)

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